The Wedding of

Brandon & Irene


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God makes everything beautiful in its time.
Beautiful when He unites, beautiful when He grows love,
and how beautiful it is when He unites our sons and daughters in a sacred marriage relationship


Brandon Grimaldy Veerman, S.IP

Son of :

Belthasar G. Veerman
Jeane Wattimena


Irene Meiriana Lapian, S.AB

Daughter of :

Arie Johanis Lapian, SE
Nelly Herman

(Matthew 19:6)

"So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore, what God has joined together, man must not separate."



August 2022
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10:00 WITA

GKI Calvaria Angkasapura - Jayapura
Jl. Menuju Pelaminan, Kab. Halal



August 2022
0 0

17:00 WITA

PTC Entrop - Jayapura
Entrop, Distrik Jayapura Selatan, Kota Jayapura, Papua

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Online Gift

The blessing of family and friends, at our wedding is enough as a gift,
but if giving is a sign of love, we will gladly accept it and of course it will complement our happiness even more.

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Keluarga Laki-Laki :


Kel. Veerman-Nussy
Kel. Wattimena-kesaulya

Keluarga Perempuan :


Kel. Lapian-Wenur
Kel. Herman-Nelwan

Wedding Wish

Give Blessing Prayers for the bride and groom

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The Wedding of  Brandon & Irene